Faster than Wikidata

Faster than Wikidata.

Build your application on top of a private, fast and reliable full mirror of Wikidata. No longer depend on the busy public endpoint!

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No More Query Timeouts on Wikidata

No More Query Timeouts.

The public Wikidata SPARQL endpoint has an hard query deadline set to 60 seconds. How many results could you obtain with no time limits?

Really, no Limits?
Save and Share your Amazing Results from Wikidata

Save and Share your Amazing Results.

Easily save your results sets, share with everyone, keep different versions: each dataset is cached and instantly accessible.

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Batch Extraction

Batch Extraction

Some results set may not fit a single SPARQL query: what about massively read entities from the Wikidata dump?

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Named Entity Recognition

Named Entity Recognition

An API to retrieve Wikidata entities mentioned in your texts, to classify, relate and enrich their meaning.

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