Core Features


0.05€ / min
  • No API throttling
  • No timeouts
  • Full Wikidata mirror (all languages, sitelinks, lexemes...)
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5€ / GB / month
  • Unlimited accesses
  • Saved datasets, no queries performed (nor billed) for each view
  • Free API access
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Other Tools

Extract Entities

5€ / task
  • Extract large datasets
  • No limitations in the number of entities nor size of final results
  • Free API access
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Named Entities API

0.02€ / 1000 chars
  • Wikidata entities from arbitrary texts
  • Multiple languages available
  • Charged by the actual lenght of texts
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Frequently asked questions

You have a prepaid credit, which is consumed for each performed query (by the actual execution time, at millisecond granularity), for each saved query (every hour, at kilobyte granularity) and for each extraction task (fixed cost, plus the storage - billed as saved queries). You can opt to receive a mail notification when you credit drops below a certain threshold.

Register now to obtain 10€ of free credit, and discover how much you can achieve even with so little funds!

You are no longer able to perform queries, both on the web interface and the SPARQL endpoint, and to call the pay-per-call APIs.

If you have saved queries or extractions allocated within your account, your credit is consumed every hour by some fraction of eurocent accordly to their size. When the credit drops below 0, you receive a first notification after 7 days and the account is suppressed after another 7 days.