Frequently Asked Questions

No hard limits are set on our Wikidata mirror! Please note, however, that your queries may still fail due "Out of Memory" errors: remember to optimize your SPARQL.

You can use the online web interface (which is pretty close to the Wikidata Query Service you already love!) or directly query the SPARQL endpoint. In both cases, your queries are measured and billed by execution time.

Of course! From the online web interface you can save your result set and obtain a shareable link accessible by everyone, even if not authenticated in Semantic Builders. Click here for more informations.

You have a prepaid credit, which is consumed for each performed query (by the actual execution time, at millisecond granularity) and for each saved query (every hour, at kilobyte granularity). You can opt to receive a mail notification when you credit drops below a certain threshold.

Register now to obtain 1€ of free credit, and discover how much you can achieve with a single Euro!

Perform a GET request to the URL adding the header api-key with one of your keys.

Once logged in, in the API keys management page you find a few code samples.