Unleash the full potentials of Wikidata

You can optimize your SPARQL queries, adjust relations, use hints, but still many of the jobs performed on the public Wikidata Query Service fail due the hard timeouts.

Enjoy the private mirror provided by Semantic Builders: a full copy of Wikidata (all languages, all lexemes, all sitelinks), continuosly kept updated, with no hard limits and a full set of features to run your queries, store your datasets, and share with the world!

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Just pay for the queries you perform.

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  • No Hard Timeouts
  • Faster than Wikidata
  • Same Web Interface of Wikidata
  • SPARQL endpoint
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Frequently asked questions

No hard limits are set on our Wikidata mirror! Please note, however, that your queries may still fail due "Out of Memory" errors: remember to optimize your SPARQL, or use the Extract tool for large datasets

You can use the online web interface (which is pretty close to the Wikidata Query Service you already love!) or directly query the SPARQL endpoint. In both cases, your queries are measured and billed by execution time.

Of course! From the online web interface you can save your result set and obtain a shareable link accessible by everyone, even if not authenticated in Semantic Builders. Click here for more informations.