• Jan 22, 2023

Latest updates from Semantic Builders!

Extractor Tool

Not all datasets fit a single SPARQL query, mostly due memory allocation limits. To tackle larger sets, today Semantic Builders introduces the new "Extract" tool: you define your filters and the properties you need to obtain for each matching item, and a batch task provides to parse the Wikidata knowledge graph to retrieve the information.

The new tool is available right now, at a fixed cost of 5€ for each extraction task. Try it today using the 10€ free credit granted in the Beta program!


Saved Queries and Extractions are now accessible through our brand new REST API, for easier integration with other applications and to build your own pipelines on top of Semantic Builders.

The full technical documentation is available here, and no addictional cost is charged for API access.

Beta Access

Semantic Builders is still in beta, and all newly registered accounts are gifted with an exceptional 10€ free credit to spend performing complex queries and share amazing results! Inform your colleagues of this offer, and share your feedbacks with us!

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